What does CB stand for?

The CB postcode area, also known as the Cambridge postcode area, is a group of sixteen postcode districts in the east of England, within five post towns.

What are the districts CB21 to CB25?

Districts CB21 to CB25 were formed in September 2006 from the parts of districts CB1 to CB5 lying outside of the city of Cambridge. Aldreth, Apes Hall, Chettisham, Coveney, Ely (west), Haddenham, Little Downham, Little Thetford, Littleport, Mepal, Pymore, Stretham, Sutton, Wardy Hill, Wentworth, Wilburton, Witcham, Witchford

What are Seoul’s CBDS?

These CBDs are the country’s heart and soul and longest-serving business districts and also the major shopping areas of Seoul. They take account for a diverse range of businesses.

How many people live in Seoul?

Close to 10 million people have their homes in Seoul, but the bigger built-up area houses 25 million, which is close to 50 per cent of the population of South Korea. The city’s key sectors are finance, manufacturing and retail. The internet speed provided within the country is among the worlds fastest and public WiFis can be easily reached.

What are the main business districts in Seoul?

The city proudly carries three primary office districts: the CBDGwanghwamun, the Yeouido Business District (YBD) and the Gangnam Business District (GBD). These CBDs are the country’s heart and soul and longest-serving business districts and also the major shopping areas of Seoul.

Where is Seoul located?

Seoul is in the northwest of South Korea. Seoul proper comprises 605. 25 km 2 (233. 69 sq mi), with a radius of approximately 15 km (9 mi), roughly bisected into northern and southern halves by the Han River. The Han River and its surrounding area played an important role in Korean history.

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Which is the best casino in Singapore’s CBD?

The Marina Bay Sands lead the lifestyle choice options in the CBD area. Although billed as a luxury hotel, the magnificent grandeur of Singapore’s Numero Uno establishment is a lot more than that. It was the world’s most expensive standalone casino on its opening year. It became the most attractive shopping, dining and lounging site of the country.

How much does it cost to Park in Singapore’s CBD?

It cited a Colliers International survey done in 2011 that showed that Singapore’s median season parking fee in the CBD was $278.20 per month. This was lower than $919.41 per month in Hong Kong, $918.52 in Tokyo and a stunning $1,337.77 in London for that year.

What is the CBD like in Sydney?

From here, Church Street, Robinson Road, Raffles Quay, Collyer Quay and Marina Boulevard form a grid of streets lined with one office tower after the other. The CBD is also well known for fantastic street food with many Hawker Centres to satisfy the cravings of the business crowd.

When is the best time of day to visit the CBD?

The scenery gets especially dramatic during the evening hours when the sun sets directly behind the CBD. The best photos are taken during this time from either the Esplanade or The Shoppes, allowing you to capture the entire panoramic view.

How many CBD stations are there in Singapore?

Catering to a growing city with cbd transport needs, the existing 34 stations on the Singapore offer an alternative commuting route, connecting people to the city and making area within the city centre a breeze.

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Where is the taxi stand at Changi Airport?

At Singapore Changi Airport, the taxi stand is located in the Arrival Hall on Terminals 1, 2, 3 and Budget Terminal. All taxis are metered. Fares must be charged according to the taximeter, plus applicable surcharges.

What is the surcharge for motorcycles in Singapore?

From Friday to Sunday, a S$2.00 surcharge is applicable on all motorcycle orders from 8 am to 11:59 pm.

What is the Midnight surcharge in Singapore?

The midnight surcharge in Singapore is charged anytime from 12 am-midnight to 5.59 am. This adds an extra 50% of your metered fare. Furthermore, just like with the peak period surcharge, the midnight surcharge applies at the time of boarding the taxi. Take for instance, if your metered fare amounts to S$20 and you board the cab after midnight.

Can Taxis pick up and drop off passengers along the road?

For CBD roads with bus lanes, taxis will not be allowed to pick up and drop off passengers along the road (both on the side of the road with the bus lane, as well as the opposite side of the road if it is a one-way road) during the bus lane operation hours. They are required to do so at taxi stands/stops and driveways of buildings.

Where do our taxi drivers work in Sydney?

Our professional drivers provide taxi services across Sydney and surrounding suburbs including Sydney CBD, Northshore area, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, South-West Sydney, North-West Hills District and Sutherland Shire as well as Transfers to out of Sydney district.

What is the city area surcharge and how to avoid it?

This surcharge is payable from 5 pm to 11.59 pm if your trip starts from within the CBD area. Therefore, should you wish to avoid the City Area Surcharge, you should avoid hailing cabs from within the CBD Boundary as set out by the LTA. If it’s convenient, you could even take public transport or walk out of the CBD area before taking a taxi.

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What is the CBD surcharge and how does it work?

To encourage taxi drivers to enter the CBD for fares, taxi companies have introduced the CBD surcharge of $3.00 which goes to the driver to help them offset the ERP charges and incentivise them to ply the CBD/city areas. The surcharge is payable on trips originating from within the CBD during the evening peak periods from 5pm to midnight.

What is the city area taxi surcharge in Singapore?

There are various places that attract location-based taxi surcharges in Singapore. The City Area taxi surcharge in Singapore is a taxi fee you should try to avoid. Implemented to ease the congestion in the Central Business District (CBD) area, this surcharge adds S$3.00 to your total taxi bill. So when does this surcharge apply?

How are maximum fares for taxi services determined in Queensland?

The Department of Transport and Main Roads determines maximum fares for taxi services in Queensland under section 91ZR of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 and publishes the maximum fares in the Queensland Government Gazette (PDF, 18 KB). Maximum fares apply to passengers of booked hire services provided in taxis that are:

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