What is cannabis (marijuana)?

psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant. Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used for medical or recreational purposes. The main psychoactive part of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the 483 known compounds in the plant, including at least 65 other cannabinoids.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

CBD is closely related to another important medicinally active phytocannabinoid: tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ), the compound that causes the high that cannabis is famous for. These are the two components of cannabis that have been most studied by scientists.

Can cannabis help with depression?

Some say cannabis helps pull them out of depression, and a few admit that they feel a bit more depressed if they use it. What is the real story of cannabis and depression? • Many patients claim that medical marijuana is an effective anti-depressant.

Can cannabis be used to treat diabetes?

A chemical compound from the cannabis plant, known as cannabidiol, could be used to treat diabetes, according to Israeli scientists. Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, led by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, who is known for discovering cannabidol (CBD), observed CBD receptors in other bodily tissues.

Can CBD oil help your senior dog?

An informal survey of people who have used CBD oil with their senior dogs yields glowing testimonials. One doggy daycare worker says, “We have a senior Great Dane who takes CBD as needed, and it is amazing how much he calms down and enjoys his stay when he takes his meds.”

How much THC is in CBD vape juice?

A famous and trademarked marijuana strain that has at most 0.3% THC, yet 14% of what is later found in oils and vape liquids around the world. Here are the common strengths of CBD vape juice:

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What is cannabis e-juice and how does it work?

What Is Cannabis E-Juice? Cannabis e-juice, also known as vape oil, is a concentrate containing a high concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, and a thinning agent used to create the right oil viscosity to be vaporized. A portable vaporizer’s heating device heats the oil just enough to produce a vapor which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece.

What are CBD edibles and how do they work?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating particle found in the cannabis plant. CBD does not give the consumer the popular psychotropic “high” that marijuana (cannabis) is famously known for. Just like CBD oil products, CBD edibles have become increasingly popular. Apart from taking a capsule or puffing on a vape, how exactly do you consume CBD?

What is an edible?

Essentially, an ‘edible’ is a product that you eat. CBD is a non-intoxicating, non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Unlike THC, it doesn’t cause a ‘high’ feeling. Both THC and CBD are active compounds produced naturally in cannabis plants.

What is CBD (cannabidiol)?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is one of the major components of the cannabis plant. The fact that it’s non-psychoactive means it doesn’t distort reality like some other cannabinoids (THC, we’re looking at you).

Can CBD help with seizures?

A recent evidence review found that one in every 8 people taking CBD would have a 50% or greater reduction in seizures. A much smaller number (less than 1 in 150) would become seizure free.

What is CBD extracted from?

All the cannabidiol (CBD) you find in your favorite gummies, drinks, and oils has to go through an extraction process first. CBD, for those who don’t know, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. Extracting CBD involves isolating the chemical compound from the surrounding plant material and distilling it in high concentrations.

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Is weed legal in California?

California is a state that is known for its very relaxed policies surrounding marijuana. They were the first state in the country to approve the medical use of cannabis all the way back in 1996. In 2016, history was made as they were the first state to legalize the recreational use of cannabis as well.

Is CBD oil legal in California?

Yes, CBD is legal throughout the state of California. CBD can be made both from flowering marijuana plants and industrial hemp. In 2018, the United States Federal Government passed the Farm Bill, which made industrial hemp an agricultural commodity.

What is the best CBD hemp flower strain?

Hulk CBD Hemp Flower is the final strain offered by Eagle Moon. Hulk is aptly named as it is very cannabinoid strong with an overall content of 20.35% and 16.33% CBD. It has a funky skunk-like scent and a flavor profile of over-ripened fruits and citrus.

What are the best CBD strains for stress relief?

ACDC This is another 14 percent CBD strain preferred by people looking to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain without feeling stoned. It contains no relevant amount of THC. The two most common words used to describe its effects are “relaxed” and “happy,” according to reviews on Leafly.

Is it safe to smoke cannabis if you have MS?

Our medical advisers believe that about 1 in every 10 people with MS who have pain or muscle spasticity might benefit from cannabis treatment, when other treatments for these symptoms haven’t worked. But smoking cannabis, especially if mixed with tobacco, is harmful to the health of people with MS.

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What is the connection between THC and MS?

THC and CBD are antispasmodic Muscle spasms”sudden, involuntary contractions of a muscle or muscle group”are another common feature of MS. Spasticity is reported by 60-90% of patients. Spasms can cause a sharp, temporary sensation of pain that usually disappears after a short time.

Can cannabis help with pain relief in dogs?

Extracts of THC and CBD have been shown to provide relief in human patients with advanced cancer pain 2 as well as in those with nerve related pain. 3 Studies evaluating the efficacy of cannabis in treating arthritis in dogs have been completed as well.

How much CBD Oil can I give my Dog for pain?

Dosage Guide for Pets in Pain 1 0.5 ” 5 mg CBD per 10 pounds of body weight twice daily. 2 Start low and slowly increase the dose every 4-7 days. 3 Frequently doses nearer the lower end of the range are effective. 4 Higher doses of CBD may be beneficial in certain circumstances.

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