What is curated live resin?

Our Curated Live Resin captures the true essence of the plant in extract form. The whole plant is cut and harvested then immediately flash frozen, preserving the full spectrum of cannabinoids and flavor.

Is stiiizy premium cannabis sourced or sold?

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Why choose stiiizy 40’S?

STIIIZY is setting the standard in the pre-roll game with the most revolutionary and innovative products. Elevate your pre-roll game. STIIIZY 40’s pre-rolls are setting the standard with high potency, cannabis infused joints coated evenly with kief.

Is stiiizy’s oil getting lighter?

Update 8/10/2019: Stiiizy’s oil did get a little lighter color than it was in mid 2018. It still is very weak compared to other cartridges. Stiiizy pods are still nowhere near the strength they were at the end of 2017. Update 5/30/2020: Stiiizy now has live resin pods. This review covers their distillate pods.

Is stiiizy still worth it?

Now Stiiizy is in the bottom 10% of cartridges. I would put it as one of the worst THC vaping options out there. The hardware is still good though and refilling with different oil is nice.

Are stiiizy pods any good?

Two half gram Stiiizy pods used to last longer than two carts from Amber Industries. Now the Stiiizy pods are effectively useless for someone with even mild THC tolerance. This Stiiizy pen review shows how much it has changed. From one of the strongest, to weakest.

Is the stiiizy Pax era better than the live resin?

It has been reported by some the live resin is much better. We should have a review up for the live resin pods soon. The Stiiziy vape comes with this jazzy packaging. Compared to some 510 threaded vape cartridges, Stiiizy created a superior version of the Pax Era.

What is the difference between wax and live rosin?

Pressing the bubble hash in the filler bag with a rosin press produces live rosin. Wax and live rosin may look alike, but they’re about as different as two cannabis extracts can be.Wax might be a bit more potent, but this potency comes at the risk of traces of residual butane.

What makes live resin different from other cannabis concentrates?

Live Resin vs. Other Cannabis Concentrates: Shatter, Wax, Budder Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate that is made using a flash-freeze method to help preserve full-plant properties such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. This creates a potent aromatic, flavorful product quite different from other concentrates.

What is the difference between live resin and sugar wax concentrates?

Unlike Cannabis Wax concentrate, Sugar Wax gets its name because of how it is processed renders a grainy, sugar-like compound that makes it easier to handle. Because of their different extraction processes, Live Resin has a runnier consistency than Sugar Wax. However, both of these concentrates are similarly potent.

What is live resin and how is it used?

Live resin can be used with a dab tool and is more pleasing aesthetically while tending to contain a higher concentration of tasty terpenes. As a result, a Cannabis concentrate that is made from live resin will offer a decidedly more aesthetically rewarding experience when it comes to both flavor profiles and sheer potency.

What is Jeeter made of?

Thirdly, Jeeter comes in a 510 vape cartridge (1 gram) using broad-spectrum oil with high THC levels in multiple flavors! Our formula is very simple cannabis oil and biconical terpenes to give you the mood and taste your looking for.

What is Jeeter live resin straw disposable made of?

Secondly, Each Jeeter Live Resin Straw Disposable is made with strain specific liquid live resin made from freshly frozen flower. This preserves all flavor and all therapeutic biomolecules.

What happened to the jeeterjuice m6t cartridge?

This JeeterJuice cartridge, which uses the M6T model of C-Cell cartridges, had some problems with airflow that clogged early and often during the use of this cartridge, similar to a Dr. Zodiak cartridge. It seems to last the average number of puffs for a full gram distillate cartridge much like a real Dr. Zodiak cartridge from last year.

Is Jeeter a good vape pen brand?

Jeeter is an iconic brand and while these pens are small, they are mighty! The Jeeter carts Berry flavor makes the cloud of smoke enjoyable; letting you hold every hit. The subtle flavors make every hit tasty, while it lifts you to a euphoric head high and an uncontrollable smile. jeeter juice disposable