What is the CBD in Auckland?

The Auckland central business district (CBD), also called the city centre by Auckland Council, is the geographical and economic heart of the Auckland metropolitan area. The area is made up of the city’s largest concentration of skyscrapers and businesses, which form an iconic skyline.

What are the boundaries of the CBD?

The CBD is generally considered to be bounded by the main motorways that surround all non-harbour sides, with State Highway 1 forming the southern and western boundaries, and State Highway 16 / Grafton Gully forming the eastern boundary.

Why choose @jewellers workshop Auckland?

Jewellers Workshop has been producing beautiful custom designed jewellery and engagement rings in our Auckland workshop since 1987.

Why buy jewellery from the jewellery shop?

The staff are friendly and unpretentious yet are crafters of exquisite, high quality pieces of jewellery that are the best you can buy anywhere. We are now proud owners of several handmade items from this wonderful business.

Where can I buy jewellery in Auckland?

The city centre boasts over 30 of Auckland’s jewellery stores, home to some of the most beautiful, bespoke jewellery Auckland has to offer. Auckland’s jewellers offer a diverse range of stunning creations as well as having on-trend collections at specialist boutiques.

Do you know where Auckland’s free car parks are?

Since the early 2000s, she’s been claiming a free car park on a small stretch of road in Auckland’s central city ” one only a select few know about. From 9am, the parks are free, with no time limits, paid meters, or parking wardens to worry about.

How much does parking cost in Auckland City Centre?

Download the Auckland City Centre parking zone map (PDF 224KB). then $10 per hour for every subsequent hour. then $5 per hour for every subsequent hour. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, 8am to 10pm: then $5 per hour for every subsequent hour. then $7 per hour for every subsequent hour. then $3 per hour for every subsequent hour.

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Where are the best hotels with free parking in Auckland?

The Convent Hotel is a really well priced boutique hotel with free parking. It’s located in the city fringe suburb of Grey Lynn and is close to Eden Park as well as Auckland Zoo. It’s a charming hotel built in an old convent. It’s a great spot for couples. And most importantly the parking is free.

Where can I Park for more than one night in Auckland?

Rydges Auckland ” Corner Federal Street and Kingston Street, Auckland Long stay, cruise ship and hotel parking sorted, when you need to park for more than one night. Taking a city break, staying at a local hotel this is the parking you need. Use the above ‘Enquire Now’ button and complete the form, to get a quote for more than 1 nights parking.

Where can I Park in Auckland City Centre?

Victoria Street car park, 30 Kitchener St, corner Victoria St East and Kitchener St, Auckland City Centre. Casual fees $4 per hour with maximum of $24 per day. 72-100 Fanshawe St car park, Auckland City Centre.

Is it illegal to camp on the road in Auckland?

Staying overnight on the road Freedom camping or staying overnight (between sunset and sunrise) on Auckland roads is against Auckland Council traffic bylaws. Breach of bylaw notices may be issued to people camping on streets, and those not complying may be issued a trespass notice under Section 3 of the Trespass Act.

How many campgrounds does airda Auckland Council operate?

Auckland Council operates 44 campgrounds in regional parks throughout Auckland and there are also three holiday parks. If you need further help to relocate, please contact Auckland Council or the Auckland City Mission. Was this page helpful? How can we improve this page?

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How much is it to park at Wilson Park?

Check out the full list of Wilson Parking locations below: Enjoy two hours of free parking or $5 evening and weekend rates. Find out more . Ride on public transport from as little as $2 each way. Find out more.

What are the parking zones in Auckland City Centre?

Zone 1 – charges apply 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week, including public holidays. Zone 2 and Zone 3 – charges apply 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and free after 6pm on weekdays and all day on Sundays. Learn more about the parking price review for Auckland City Centre. Download the Auckland City Centre parking zone map (PDF 224KB).

How do I get into Auckland’s city centre?

One of the many ways to get into Auckland’s city centre for work or play is by driving. Here’s some information about the different parking options available. Convenient, accessible and fairly priced parking is available in the city centre, both in parking buildings and on the street, making it easy to access the area by car.

What are Auckland’s Most Unique Pub quizzes?

Here are five of Auckland’s most unique pub quizzes to tempt even the most reluctant punter. 1. Little Easy, Ponsonby: Wednesdays at 7.30pm The quiz for the cool kids of Ponsonby who roll out of bed straight into their designer streetwear every morning.

When are the New Zealand Pub Quiz Championships?

The highlight of our weekly quiz night calendar is the annual New Zealand Pub Quiz Championships, which has taken place every November since 2000. If you are a pub, bar or club, we may be able to drive one of your quieter nights of the week with a regular event which brings people in and is a great deal of fun.

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Where are the best quizzes in Auckland?

Get on down to The Cav every Monday night for our comedy quiz, the most fun quiz around! Consistently voted one of the best quizzes in Auckland by Urban List, you are guaranteed to have a great night. 1st prize is $75 bar tap, 2nd prize is $50 bar tab and $25 for 2nd last team but there will also be random spot prizes, such as jugs of beer!

Where are the best pub quizzes on the north shore?

Every Monday night, Hurstmere Road Brew Bar host a “Believe it or Not” pub quiz and it has become a North Shore favourite. The quiz keeps you entertained with its full audio and visual cues and there are a ton of prizes to be won.

Why choose spray tanning?

Spray tanning has been our business for over 6 years and because of that we take pride in our work and promise you will be happy with your Tan in the City spray tan. If it’s a deep holiday glow, just sun kissed look or Competition tan that you need ” we have you covered.

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