What is the closest suburb to the Brisbane CBD?

Paddington is an inner suburb of Brisbane, Australia located 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) west of the Brisbane CBD.

How many hours to spend in Paddington?

48 hours in Paddington Just outside the heart of the city, Paddington is a destination for locals looking to dine, shop and explore its cottage-lined streets. 63 things to do in Brisbane City If you’re planning to spend the day eating, drinking, shopping and doing Brisbane City, read our guide of must-do’s.

How far is West End from the CBD?

This is where ideas begin and grow, and community matters. Join West End in celebrating its alternative inner-city village. From the CBD it is a 30-minute or 2km walk. Alternatively catch the blue CityGlider bus (number 66) or consult TransLink for more options.

Where are the green bridges in Brisbane’s CBD?

The Breakfast Creek Green Bridge will connect Brisbane’s northern suburbs with the CBD. The Toowong to West End Green Bridge will link the growing West End community with the Toowong Centre, rail and ferry services. The St Lucia to West End Green Bridge will make it easier to travel between UQ, West End, Highgate Hill and the CBD.

What is the Brisbane central traffic area?

The Brisbane Central Traffic Area covers the Central Business District and nearby suburbs and regulates all parking in these areas.

How do I watch Brisbane traffic as it happens?

Watch Brisbane traffic as it happens using the map above. All traffic incidents and traffic conditions will appear on this map live as they occur. To adjust the timeframe that the map is displaying use the slider above. Keep the map open and it will automatically for you and much more…

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What caused Adelaide’s worst traffic jams ever?

Some commuters were stuck in buses for more than an hour while others were turned away from boarding buses in some locations. Police motorbikes were dispatched to Adelaide Street and George Street in an attempt to get traffic flowing. There were also complaints about drivers blocking intersections, exacerbating the issue.

Should Brisbane residents be furious over Adelaide Street congestion?

As Adelaide Street southbound reopened about 10.30, delays started to ease. The opposition leader for Brisbane City Council, Jared Cassidy, said residents should be furious over the congestion. “We’ve already seen years of delays and almost a billion dollars in cost blowouts,” he said.

Where are the best Brisbane Water Parks for kids?

Redcliffe Lagoon is on the Northside of Brisbane and is a popular getaway for Brisbane families wanting some FREE and fun water play with their Brisbane Kids. There are slides, fountains and a lovely ocean theme for Brisbane Kids to enjoy.

How do I navigate around the Brisbane CBD?

Use our Brisbane CBD map to help navigate your way around the city centre. You’ll find all the important bits pinpointed on the map like tourist attractions, parks, railway stations and of course streets.

Is Brisbane Water National Park open at all times?

Other areas of Brisbane Water National Park will be open at all times, however may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

Are there any swimming pools in Brisbane?

Brisbane City Council has 15 pools with water play areas, as well as aqua parks and water play areas in a number of parks and public spaces across Brisbane. These locations provide opportunities for hours of water-based fun for kids and toddlers. Restrictions are in place for the Brisbane Local Government Area. Find out more.

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Where is the Lightning camera in Brisbane?

This camera is located at New Farm, just east of the Brisbane CBD, Australia. The camera faces west towards the CBD, operates 24/7 and captures images every 30 seconds. Images of a night time are long exposures so the camera can and will capture lightning.

Where is the weathercam network located in Australia?

Australian Weathercam Network – New Farm (W) Webcam Follow us on Facebook This camera is located at New Farm, just east of the Brisbane CBD, Australia. The camera faces west towards the CBD, operates 24/7 and captures images every 30 seconds. Images of a night time are long exposures so the camera can and will capture lightning.

How many live webcams are there in Brisbane Australia?

Here you can see the latest view from 29 live webcams in the destination of Brisbane, Australia. Both the current (latest) image, and the most recent daylight image are available for each webcam. Current [Last] & Daylight Views :: Click here for full size view

Where is the Brisbane CBD located?

It is located on a point on the northern bank of the Brisbane River. The triangular shaped area is bounded by the Brisbane River to the east, south and west

Where is the best yoga studio in Brisbane?

Based in East Brisbane, Cultivate offers meditation, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga classes from beginners’ level to pro-Yogi. A crowd favourite, Raw Power Yoga studios have a distinctly community feel about them.

Where is Brisbane’s best yum cha?

As one of Brisbane’s most iconic spots for yum cha, King of Kings is filled with a bustling energy unlike any other place. It has been synonymous with old-school yum cha for decades and within that time, the menu hasn’t changed much, and that’s a big part of the appeal.

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Where’s the best yum cha restaurant in Sunnybank?

Tucked away in Sunnybank, this yum cha and Chinese restaurant is well worth the drive out of the CBD. Whether you’re after brunch, lunch, dinner, or anything in between, Parkland Restaurant is there to bring you the goods on the daily.

Where’s the best yum cha in Fortitude Valley?

Another Fortitude Valley veteran, this bustling barn of a place has been synonymous with old-school yum cha for decades. The décor at King of Kings probably hasn’t changed much in that time, and neither has the menu. And that’s a big part of the appeal.

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